Time to tackle those hills.

Hiking can be an exhilarating experience for adventure seekers, with mountainous trails and hilly countryside's. However, bad elements can completely spoil your overall experience.

Don't get caught in a storm with soggy socks, when the DexShell range of Hiking socks can offer completely waterproof protection to keep you warm and dry. BE PREPARED!

We have developed a range of hiking socks, designed to offer adventure seekers with the comfort and protection they need to conquer those trails. Combining innovative materials each with impressive features, our hiking socks tick all the right boxes.
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  1. Multifunctional Neck Warmer, Multi Colour

    RRP: US$ 4.99
  2. Waterproof Beanie Gradient, Lime Yellow

    RRP: US$ 29.99
  3. Waterproof Beanie Gradient, Red

    RRP: US$ 29.99
  4. Waterproof Beanie Gradient, Orange

    RRP: US$ 29.99
  5. Waterproof Beanie Gradient, Blue

    RRP: US$ 29.99
  6. Waterproof Beanie Peaked, Black

    RRP: US$ 33.99
  7. Waterproof Beanie Peaked, Grey

    RRP: US$ 33.99
  8. Waterproof Running Lite Socks, Aqua Blue stripe

    RRP: US$ 33.99
  9. Waterproof ThermFit Gloves, Black

    RRP: US$ 42.99
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