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The outdoor life is full of uncertainties. From ground conditions to river levels and from crosswinds to sudden weather changes, you never quite know what you will face on any given expedition into the wilderness. Let DexShell take at least some of the uncertainty away!

Our range of waterproof, breathable and comfortable socks, gloves and hats is your perfect outdoors companion because, whatever the weather, DexShell can keep you warm, dry and focussed.

By using innovative technology and carefully selected materials, our range of accessories has been designed to maximise enjoyment for your way of life - the outdoor life.
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  1. DEXLOK Waterproof wading pro socks knee high

    DEXLOK™ Waterproof Merino Wool Wading Pro Socks by DexShell, DS70606GRN

    RRP: US$ 58.99
  2. DexShell waterproof touch applicable knitted glove

    Waterproof Merino Wool ThermFit Gloves, DG326TS

    RRP: US$ 46.99
  3. DexShell waterproof stormblok socks realtree camouflage

    DexShell Waterproof StormBLOK Socks Realtree MAX-5, DS827RTC

    RRP: US$ 43.99
  4. DEXFUZE waterproof StretchFit Realtree gloves

    DEXFUZE™ Waterproof StretchFit Gloves Realtree MAX-5, DG90906RTC

    RRP: US$ 54.99
  5. DexFuze seamless waterproof windproof watch hat Realtree camouflage

    DEXFUZE™ Waterproof Watch Hat Realtree MAX-5, DH9912RTC

    RRP: US$ 35.99
  6. DEXFUZE waterproof Drylite Realtree gloves

    DEXFUZE™ Waterproof Drylite Gloves Realtree MAX-5, DG9946RTC

    RRP: US$ 59.99