Fresh powder, bright blue skies and apres ski.

Sounds perfect right? Almost. Add in some DexShell accessories and ‘perfect’ may just be possible!

Our wide range of warm, comfortable socks, gloves and hats are ideal for both your time on the slopes as well as precious time relaxing with friends at the end of the day. By combining innovative technology with carefully selected materials, DexShell has created a range of comfortable, waterproof and warm accessories perfectly suited to your outdoor lifestyle and the pursuit of the perfect snow day.
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  1. Waterproof PrimaLoft® Gold Arendal Biking Gloves

    RRP: US$ 49.99
  2. Waterproof PrimaLoft® Gold Ultra Weather Gloves

    RRP: US$ 46.99
  3. Waterproof Windproof Beanie Gradient

    RRP: US$ 29.99
  4. Waterproof Windproof Beanie Solo

    RRP: US$ 29.99
  5. Waterproof Windproof Beanie Solo, Heather Grey

    RRP: US$ 29.99
  6. Waterproof Merino Wool ThermFit Gloves

    RRP: US$ 42.99
  7. Waterproof Merino Wool Hytherm Pro Socks, Tangelo Red stripe

    RRP: US$ 45.99
  8. Waterproof DEXFUZE® Drylite Gloves, Black

    RRP: US$ 52.99