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Enjoy Lightweight Warmth Without Feeling Bulky and Cumbersome

DexShell gloves are essential protective wear, designed to provide outstanding performance in cold and wet conditions. Their dexterity and ability to keep your hands protected in all forms of activity is what makes DexShell gloves stand out from the competition. No matter what outdoor activity you are participating in, surprisingly lightweight DexShell gloves will never let you down. In fact, they'll enhance not only your performance but also your enjoyment of your favorite sport or recreational pursuit. That said, many men and women across the world wear DexShell gloves for normal use, or for work, not necessarily when involved in planned sporting or recreational activities. No wonder we’re the market leader in this type of product which – like DexShell socks and hats – are global-sellers, items that allow people everywhere to cope in even the most challenging climate and terrain.

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  1. DexShell Arendal Waterproof Warm Bike Gloves

    Waterproof PrimaLoft® Gold Arendal Biking Gloves, DG9402

    RRP: US$ 54.99
  2. DexShell All Weather Gloves

    Waterproof PrimaLoft® Gold Ultra Weather Gloves, DG9401NEO

    RRP: US$ 52.99
  3. DexShell light weight waterproof knitted glove touchscreen

    Waterproof COOLMAX® Ultralite Gloves, DG368TS

    RRP: US$ 35.99
  4. DexShell waterproof touch applicable knitted glove

    Waterproof Merino Wool ThermFit Gloves, DG326TS

    RRP: US$ 46.99
  5. DexShell waterproof knitted glove by abrasion resistant yarns

    Waterproof Abrasion Resistant TechShield Gloves, DG478TS

    RRP: US$ 46.99
  6. DEXFUZE waterproof StretchFit gloves

    DEXFUZE™ Waterproof StretchFit Gloves Black, DG90906BLK

    RRP: US$ 52.99
  7. DEXFUZE waterproof StretchFit Realtree gloves

    DEXFUZE™ Waterproof StretchFit Gloves Realtree MAX-5, DG90906RTC

    RRP: US$ 54.99
  8. DEXFUZE waterproof Drylite Realtree gloves

    DEXFUZE™ Waterproof Drylite Gloves Realtree MAX-5, DG9946RTC

    RRP: US$ 59.99