Waterproof Hats

DexShell provides protection for any activity with their waterproof windproof hats, protecting from all the elements when you're working or enjoying the outdoors. Designed with comfort and style, DexShell hats offer both warm and dry performance, whether in wind, rain and snow, as well as high altitude climates. In the harshest of environments DexShell can be relied on.

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  1. Waterproof Beanie Cable Twin Pompom

    RRP: US$ 29.99
  2. Waterproof Childrens Beanie Stripe

    RRP: US$ 25.99
  3. Waterproof Skull Cap

    RRP: US$ 19.99
  4. Waterproof Watch Hat(Realtree MAX-5)

    RRP: US$ 35.99
  5. Waterproof Watch Hat

    RRP: US$ 35.99
  6. Waterproof Beanie Peaked

    RRP: US$ 33.99
  7. Waterproof Beanie Reflective Logo

    RRP: US$ 35.99
  8. Waterproof Beanie Fair Isle

    RRP: US$ 33.99
  9. Waterproof Cuffed Beanie

    RRP: US$ 33.99
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