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Defy the Elements Whatever the Climate and Terrains

Explore hidden trails anywhere in the world, or feel the thrill of beating a well-worn path, in DexShell waterproof breathable socks — singularly superb socks that will not let even one water droplet through, whilst still allowing your feet to breathe. Not 'just' water-proof, but also sand-, mud-, dust- and wind-proof, making them an essential item to pack when excitedly heading off to the great outdoors. No matter how severe the weather becomes, and whatever climate you're in. Walk in them, wade in them, cross the desert or an ice flat in them, safe in the knowledge that you couldn't have chosen a better knitted waterproof sock option.
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  1. DEXLOK Waterproof wading pro socks knee high

    DEXLOK™ Waterproof Merino Wool Wading Pro Socks by DexShell, DS70606GRN

    RRP: US$ 58.99
  2. DexShell waterproof Ultra Thin Crew socks bamboo rayon

    Waterproof Bamboo Rayon Ultra Thin Crew Socks, DS683

    RRP: US$ 34.99
  3. DexShell waterproof Pro Visibility sports socks hi vis yellow

    Waterproof COOLMAX® Pro Visibility Sports Socks, DS648

    RRP: US$ 32.99
  4. DexShell waterproof running lite socks blue cuff

    Waterproof drirelease® DriFil Running Lite Socks, DS20610

    RRP: US$ 36.99
  5. DexShell waterproof compression mudder socks knee high

    Waterproof drirelease® DriFil Compression Mudder Socks, DS635

    RRP: US$ 53.99
  6. DexShell ultra thin bamboo rayon kids socks

    Waterproof Bamboo Rayon Ultra Thin Kids’ Socks, DS543

    RRP: US$ 24.99
  7. DexShell waterproof stormblok socks realtree camouflage

    DexShell Waterproof StormBLOK Socks Realtree MAX-5, DS827RTC

    RRP: US$ 43.99
  8. DexShell waterproof hytherm pro socks

    Waterproof Merino Wool Hytherm Pro Socks Tangelo Red stripe, DS634

    RRP: US$ 49.99