Waterproof Socks

DexShell's range of element repellent socks are perfect for all outdoor activities, in all weather conditions. Available in a range of designs, these waterproof, yet breathable socks offer comfort as well as protection, whether you're walking, cycling or even participating in watersports. The high performance materials that make up these socks, such as Porelle membrane and Merino wool, ensure that they're not only waterproof, windproof and mud proof, but also warm and snug fit.
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  1. Light Weight Overshoes

    RRP: US$ 43.99
  2. Ultra Thin Children’s Socks

    RRP: US$ 22.99
  3. Waterproof Children’s Socks

    RRP: US$ 22.99
  4. Waterproof Extreme Sports Socks

    RRP: US$ 52.99
  5. Waterproof Wading Socks

    RRP: US$ 49.99
  6. Waterproof Hytherm Pro Socks

    RRP: US$ 45.99
  7. Waterproof Trekking Socks

    RRP: US$ 39.99
  8. Waterproof Thermlite Socks

    RRP: US$ 33.99
  9. Waterproof Coolvent Socks

    RRP: US$ 38.99
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